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This web site provides an introduction to road network operations and explains the increasing importance of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). It provides on-line access to the following:

Network Parameters

Networks have their geographical limits defined according to the road users’ needs.

Network operations involves managing roads 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Operations have to be integrated:

  • across geographical boundaries between different road operators and road administrations
  • to provide smooth access to ferry-terminals, ports, airports, road-rail transfer points, etc. for inter-modal transfer

Institutional issues are significant because of the number of stakeholders involved. Network operations can be:

  • multi-modal, multi-jurisdictional, multi-national (local, regional, national authorities and concession-holders)
  • using possibly different levels of infrastructure (rural, local or national roads hierarchy)…
  • involving interaction and inter-agency cooperation on traffic management and traffic information

The provision of accurate and timely information to all the interested parties has a central role to allow travellers and freight forwarders to optimise their use of all modes of transport.

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