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file icon Above Ground Detection - Radar
file icon Australia: Double Loop Vehicle Detection in Real Time
file icon Australia: Infrared Over Height Vehicle Detection
file icon Belgium Innovative Cellular Floating Car Data Traffic Collection Technology
file icon Canada Alberta: Road Weather Information System (RWIS) Deployment Plan
file icon Canada New Brunswick: Literature Review of Remote Emission Sensors
file icon Canada: Network Operations Project Evaluations
file icon Canada: Optimal Deployment Strategy for Intersection Safety Cameras
file icon Europe STREETWISE Information Pack
file icon Europe: Appel d’urgence automobile en Europe
file icon Europe: Datex 2
file icon Europe: EASYWAY
file icon Europe: Introduction to ”VIKING evaluation package”
file icon Europe: Mare Nostrum: International Symbolic Language for Variable Message Signs
file icon EUROPE: Motor vehicle emergency call in Europe, a multi-product car manufacturer's approach
file icon Finland: Finnra´s traffic management services strategy
file icon Finland: VIRKALIHA - Public authorities as service centre providers
file icon France and Spain: RDS-TMC evaluation
file icon Global: “Avantages pour l’exploitation du réseau routier”
file icon Global: “Qui tire profit des STI”
file icon Global: “Who Benefits from ITS?”
file icon Global: Briefing note: Asset Management Plan
file icon Global: Fact Sheet on Intelligent Transport Systems
file icon Global: ITS in Network Operations Cooperative Systems and Services
file icon Global: Standard Developing Activities of ISO TC204 2006
file icon Global: Understanding each other in intelligent transport systems: introduction to terminology
file icon Global: User Needs and Traveller Information in Network Operations
file icon Japan: A Field Trial Of A Highway Bus Location System Utilizing DSRC
file icon South Africa: Issues for developing countries
file icon South Africa: ITS project on the Ben Schoeman freeway: Shoulder lane usage
file icon South Africa: Overload control: Utilizing Technology to effectively manage overloading
file icon South Africa: Planning Road networks for integrated network operations
file icon South Africa: Utilizing RFID to determine expected trave
file icon Spain: System for measuring speed on road sections
file icon Sweden: Intelligent Speed Adaptation
file icon UK: Briefing note on floating car data
file icon UK: Using ITS to reduce environmental impacts