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Annex A Integrated Network Operations: Transport User Support

PIARC LogoThis Annex provides a theoretical framework to support the concept of integrated network operations, where managing and operating the road network is considered in a wider context, with the object of achieving better integration of operations in three very different dimensions.

  • Integration across geographical boundaries, between different road operators and road administrations.
  • Integration allowing travellers and freight forwarders the optimised use of all modes of transport.
  • Integration facilitating inter-modal transfer and smooth access to ferry-terminals, ports, airports, road-rail transfer points, etc.

The analysis is based on the premise that road network services delivered to road users can be seen as part of the transport services delivered to transport users in a broader sense.


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  • A1 Two Views
  • A2 The Service Concept
  • A3 The Service Domains
  • A4 The Services
  • A5 From Services to Operations
  • A6 Transport Integration
  • A7 Transport Development Model
  • A8 Transport Mode