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ITS covers a wide range of systems and services. Because different players are involved, stakeholder roles and attitudes and the legal and institutional issues vary for each sector. The following is a checklist of topics which will need to be addressed.

Human Resources

  • Confirm and secure the private and public sector roles, define their areas of control and influence.
  • Identify who will be the ITS project leaders and champions.
  • Develop the required organisational and institutional capability.
  • Put in place the means of coordinating the key actors, perhaps by adapting existing coordination methods.
  • Introduce professional development and training requirements in ITS project planning and related skills. 

Contractual and Legal requirements

  • Secure the necessary ITS communications infrastructure and support services.
  • Develop common locational referencing rules and build the local “infostructure” of location-referenced databases and geographical information.
  • Resolve data ownership, locational referencing, quality control and exchange issues.
  • Address privacy and security issues.

Operating Agreements

Inter-agency and inter-company cooperation is a feature of ITS. Public-private partnerships (PPPs) are often used, but public/public and private/private collaboration is also common. These agreements can range from informal agreements between the parties to cooperate on day-to-day operational tasks, to more ambitious and formal contracts and memoranda of understanding (MOU), involving sharing of common systems. Midway between these two are the agreements on system architecture and data exchange, specifying the agreed data formats and minimum data quality requirements (e.g. accuracy, timeliness, and extent of data consolidation or editing).

A full discussion of the non-technical challenges in ITS Deployment is contained in the PIARC ITS Handbook: Chapter 5 "How do I plan and Finance ITS" and Chapter 6 “How do I launch ITS” (see

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