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3.1 Implementation and evaluation of ITS in Network Operations Print

It is recommended that the adoption of ITS in network operations should follow the Demming wheel principle of continual improvement: Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA cycle).

This need for evaluation and feed-back stems from the following:

(1) Transport policy/programme context
The role of the Network operator has changed significantly in the recent years. It has moved from a construction-oriented organization and mandate, to a performance and efficiency-oriented role. Various reforms, performance based budgets and privatization has been implemented. To guarantee the policy outcome, evaluation is proving to be much more important.

(2) Result-oriented management
As in the PDCA cycle depicted above, recent changes in the ways of administration are now demanding a result-oriented management with emphasis on PDCA cycle to spiral up services and technologies. Recently, the number of countries going into the result-oriented management is now increasing.

(3) Enhanced accountability to the public
Accountability, not only to the public but also to the relevant stakeholders, is becoming important for the road network operator to ensure transparency of policies/programs and to gain public support for traffic management and network operations projects. In particular, evaluation can support budget procurement, which is an immediate requirement before an ITS project can be launched. For these reasons, countries like USA and UK are among those that have actively released data and information from performance evaluations into the public domain.

(4) Investment appraisal
One of the purposes of this management is to enhance implementation methods of new technologies and services in order to maximize benefits of project investment. So, the evaluation needs to cover relevant issues which are directly and indirectly linked to project implementation. The other purpose is to look at the business case for ITS technologies and services. The evaluation will contribute to elaborate how to improve technology, how to widen service range, how to raise the quality of ITS services.

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