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Acknowledgement is made to those members of the World Road Association (PIARC) Technical Committee on Network Operations who have contributed generously of their time to the development of this web site and its contents, in particular:

John Miles – lead editor (UK)
Martial Chevreuil – co-editor (France)
Fritz Busch (Germany)
Lise Filion (Quebec, Canada)
Richard Harris (UK)
Valerie Briggs (USA)

The web site has been developed with funding from:



Development on behalf of RITA was by Battelle (Thomas Timcho ) and on behalf of Traffic Wales by Atkins Global (Kashif Aziz )


Support for the development of this web-based edition of the PIARC ITS Handbook and the Network Operations Handbook comes from:



Ankerbold is an independent transport research and management consultancy giving strategic advice on the development of Intelligent Transport Systems in the UK, Europe and further afield. We concentrate on the strategic options for managing urban and inter-urban road networks, focusing on public agency roles and responsibilities, inter-agency working, organisational capabilities and the management of change.

(John Miles, editor PIARC ITS Handbook and chair PIARC Technical Committee on Network Operations 2004-2007)


Egis is a consulting and engineering group working in the fields of construction for transport, urban development, buildings, industry, water, the environment and energy.
In Intelligent Transportation Systems, Egis provides engineering services and project support, from mobility and traffic studies to on-site supervision through a project-oriented, multi-disciplinary team environment.
Egis develops BOT/PPP projects, operates transport infrastructures, integrates operating systems and provides value-added services to road users. It is one of the world leaders in toll motorway concession and operation.
Egis is a member of ITS France and Ertico.

(Martial Chevreuil, chair PIARC Technical Committee on Network Operations 2008-2011).

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