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Assets may consist of:

  • Infrastructure assets, principally roads, lighting, signals and signing
  • land and Buildings; vehicle depots etc.
  • Telecommunications assets
  • Intellectual assets, including software, standards, records, drawings, safety audits and departures

Considerable investment is needed to maintain these assets. Failure to maintain the hardware assets may lead to road safety issues. Failure to retain records may lead to abortive expenditure or even litigation should some disaster occur.

An authority must appreciate the benefits and accept the need to introduce asset management planning and direct sufficient resources to the process.  To succeed, it is necessary for Chief Executives, Technical, Corporate and Service Directors to contribute positively to the process.

Consideration of the value of assets held and their potential contribution to improved service delivery along with their effective, efficient and economical management must be a high priority.  This will necessitate the introduction of strategic asset management planning and the tool to achieve this is the Asset Management Plan (AMP).

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