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World Road Association Handbooks

The Network Operations Technical Committee is pleased to make available in electronic format, the current version of both the Road Network Operations Handbook and the ITS Handbook.

Intelligent Transport Systems Handbook

Experience shows that the field of Intelligent Transport Systems has some unique and challenging aspects. The ITS Handbook identifies many of these challenges and offers a range of advice on how to approach and manage them. The Technical Committee which has steered the preparation of the Handbook has organised this material around various practical questions that it thought most transport managers would be likely to ask.

Road Network Operations Handbook

In order to optimise road network operations, the network operator can apply “hard” engineering options or “soft” engineering options or a mixture of both. This handbook focuses on the “soft” engineering approaches and tools available to the network operator to improve network operations. The handbook discusses:

  • The shift from the traditional building and maintaining of the road network to a service oriented policy towards the road user;
  • The road network operators tasks and measures;
  • ITS solutions for network monitoring, maintaining road serviceability and safety, traffic control, travel aid and user information and demand management;
  • The institutional and organisational aspects of network operations; and
  • Performance indicators for network operations.